Inject HTML using jQuery

We will tell you how you can inject HTML using jQuery

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HTML injection with jQuery

Apart from the main editor, you are able to include your custom codes in code-injection. Apart from these custom codes, you are able to inject an   <iframe>

on a specific spot. This takes a little bit of knowledge about jQuery and JavaScript.

Every live campaign already contains the jQuery library. FastPages currently uses version 3.1.1. We strongly advise to not use a different version of this library. Because it could cause troubles with your campaign.

With FastPages, you've got the possibility to insert code-injection at 3 spots. In this example, we show you how to insert an <iframe>


Campaigns in FastPages are divided into different sections. All these sections have got a unique ID which you are able to select and use.

A section is built with 3 different <div>'s, your content will be added into .layout-content . Depending on the type of section you choose this will be classified into a variable number of columns. If you have got a section which is divided into 2 columns and you want to insert an <iframe> in the bottom of the 2nd column you need the following code:


 $(document).ready(function() {

    var iframe = '<iframe src="" border="none"></iframe>';

    $('section[data-id="SyXgmdPrX"] .layout-content .col-md-6').append(iframe);


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