How to publish on a sub domain

We will tell you how to get your page on a sub domain.

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To publish a page on your own domain, go to the projects screen first and find your page there. Click on "Actions" and then on "Publish"

If your campaign is not yet published, publish it first by clicking on the "Publish project" button.

After you have published your page you will see a field where you can insert your own custom domain name or sub domain name.

Insert your domain name to find the right credentials, these are the credentials you need to fill in at your hosting provider in order to get your page live.

Please note that SSL will not work straight away, after your domain or sub-domain is resolved correctly. You will have to request an SSL certificate if you want to server your page over https. You can only request it here and not somehwere else since your domain is now pointed to our server:

Please note: we get a lot of people requesting support for DNS in 95% of these cases the problem is within the DNS settings. We cant change these settings for you. Please make sure that the "current value" is the same as the "required value" if this is not the case then your settings are probably wrong. To double check this, please visit insert your domain and check if it is set correctly. 

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