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In this article we will explain the functions on the dashboard of FastPages

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The FastPages Dashboard:

When you first start FastPages you will be taken to your dashboard, and see the screen visualised here. On this screen, we will give you a general overview of your account. You will find the general metrics of last months performance and can see the individual metrics off a campaign by clicking on the campaign.

Click on the "Projects" item to be taken to the following screen:


New Project

When you click on "+ New Project" you will be taken to the template gallery here you can preview all templates and pick one that suits your needs. We are planning on adding more templates.

After that, you can push the button "Create campaign". After that, it sends you to the FastPages editor. In our editor, you are able to design your landing page. For more information about the FastPages editor, please click here.


Campaign name

In your dashboard, you'll see the name of your campaign. Next, to a name every campaign/landing page has got a page title. A page title is the name of the tab that a webbrowser shows. Also search engines will show this name. If you want to change the page title, you can find this in the chapter SEO. Please click here FastPages Side Panel if you want to gain more information about SEO. 


Campaign status

When you are in your dashboard you are able to see whether your campaign is published or not. If your campaign has a URL then it's published, you can use this URL and share it with others to start gathering leads this is the live URL. If you want to change your URL please visit this page: How to publish on a sub domain 


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