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Written by Social Media OndernemerLast update 4 years ago

It is nice to offer your products on landing pages. We get a lot of questions asking if we can integrate with Shopify, PayPal, Woocommerce, Stripe r any other third party payment integration. Currently we have not integrated any of these. We are working on an extended stripe integration. But this is work in progress. Basically there are 2 possible options:

You already have a webshop:

If you already have a webshop good for you! Just setup the landing pages and let the buttons link to your product pages, the rest of the order process is normal from there. What we do is make the landing pages in Woocommerce and when people click the button the go directly to the Woocommerce cart with the product in the cart. You do this by adding an extension to the link different per webshop off course.

You don't have a webshop but want to use Stripe or PayPal etc. to sell products:

If your payment solution offers a code snippet to embed the cart on your page you are basically good to go. You insert the settings in your payment solution and just use the code snippet on the page. To do this you will need to Use the Embed element

Here is an example how to do this for PayPal: Can I use PayPal on your pages?

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