How to use the Zapier integration

Here you can read how you use the zapier integration to connect your form with third party tools.

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Like any other integration you can add the integration by going to the editor and clicking on the button in the form:

You should now see the following screen where you click on Zapier;

A new screen will appear, with the button connect acount. If you haven't connected a Zapier account earlier then click on the button "Connect account". A pop-up will appear requesting a webhook url:

To get the webhook URL please go to your Zapier account and click on the button "Make a Zap"

As a trigger choose "Webhooks" here first:


and then choose "Catch Hook"

Zapier will now give you a URL:

Go back to Fastpages and insert your URL in the pop-up and click connect. You will now see the following screens where you have to click through the options.

Click on the webhook

Click on Zapier:

Map the forms to automatically generate, and click on connect. Your form is now connected to Zapier, you can test this by publishing your campaign and fill in the form.

If you have Zapier still open finish the steps to make your integration active.You can now test this step by pulling in the samples you just inserted yourself on the published page.

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