How can i make a quiz?

We will tell you all about making a quiz, the best way to gather leads!

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To make a quiz you can either use one of the quiz blueprints or go to the editor and click the quiz element from the toolbox.

After you have added the quiz you can start adding questions to your quiz. Give your quiz a title first to start:

Then click create quiz to start adding questions. Click on the button "CREATE QUESTION" to create more questions. And click "CREATE ANSWER" to add answers to your questions. Per question you have several options, you can give points to every answer so you can send your users to different thank you pages based on their given answers. With the trash can you can delete accompanied questions or answers. There is also an option to upload an image per question, you can also upload GIF's here to make your quiz more interactive.

After you have finished all questions and answers you can go to the next tab which is called "Response". This is the place where you can tell which response you want the user to get based on the answers they have given. In this window we will show you the maximum amount of points that a user can get and the minimum amount of points:

You can either set a redirect link to a thank you page, or just insert a message that you want to show the user. The last tab is the tab where you specify the form that the user will have to fill in before going to the result page. This form acts as a normal form, to understand the form better you can visit Editing a form element

The answers that are given by your users can all be found back by going to your dashboard> Actions > Leads

Here you will find answers per lead, download the file as a CSV to dig deeper into your data.

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