Editing an icon text element

In this article we will explain how you can edit an icon text element

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Edit an icon + text element

With icons, you are able to make a summary of your product's or service's benefits. You can add text to an icon to make your benefits more clear. With the search function, you can find almost any icon you'd like. Momentarily it isn't possible to upload your own icon.

By clicking the icon twice the following menu will appear:

With the 2nd option, you can choose an icon you want. With the first option, you can change the colour.

In the menu, you can search for an appropriate icon. In the search option, you can easily search for the icon you'd like.

You can edit the text just as easy as you can edit it normally. Please click here if you want to read more about editing text.


With this icon, you can drag your icon text element inside your section.

With the duplicate icon, you are able to copy your icon text element inside your section.

By clicking the trash icon you are able to delete your icon text element.

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