Editing a text element

In this article we will explain how you can edit a text element

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Edit a text element

Edit a text element

By clicking the text icon you"ll get the option to add text to a section.

It shows a text block. In this text block you are able to make your text message. By double tapping the text or select the text it makes sure you are able to adit your text. The following will appear:

By clicking the "A" icon you are able to change the font, font size and the line height. The following element will show.

Line height

Sometimes line heights can be too big or too small. Changing the "leading", will make distances bigger or smaller.


Headers(H1 etc.) and Paragraphs(p):

You are able to give your text H1, H2 or H3, etc. tags. This matters because it will make your SEO score better. 


With this icon you can drag your text element inside your section.

With the duplicate icon you are able to copy you text element inside your section.

By clicking the trash icon you are able to delete your text element

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