Editing a form element

In this article we will explain how you can edit a text element

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Editing a form element

When you add a new form to your page it looks like this:


By clicking a field of your form the following menu will appear. When you click the gear wheel you are able to change different aspects of your form.

With size you can change the length of field. You can choose: small, medium or large.


When your form is integrated into a pop-up the field will be smaller than in a full width section. The size of your form will be different according to the size of the section you are using.


When you check required the visitor must fill in this form to apply your form. Users who don't fill in the right data can't succeed.


Therefore it is also important to give your field the correct type. It works like this:

For example, you can use a checkbox to make your visitor agree with delivering their credentials.


Edit a form

By clicking the gear wheel you are able to change a form. You can choose to give you button the colour you'd like or make sure a field is required. You can even change the size of the field or the font. There are different options for the fields, you can add: tex, email addresses, phone numbers, dropdown (for example an option to receive a newsletter: Yes or No), or a checkbox.

With this icon you can drag your form inside your section.

With the duplicate icon you are able to copy your form inside your section.

By clicking the trash icon you are able to delete your form.

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