Editing a button element

In this article we will explain how you can edit a text element

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Editing a button element

You can add a button to send your visitor to a different webpage or if you don't want a direct form on your page.

By clicking the button option it will show a button which you can edit to your own style.


By selecting the text you can edit it. Click here to read more about editing texts.


When you move your cursor on the button the following pop-up will show:


When you click the gear wheel you can edit the size, shape and type of your button. Also, in this menu, you are able to align to left, middle or right.



You can edit the size of your button in small, medium or large. 



With this function, you are able to edit the shape of your button.



Here you are able to align to left, middle or right.



Chose here the type of button, filled with colour or only transparent one.


By clicking the brush you can change the colour of your button.

You are able to choose a colour manually or fill in a hex code. 


Via the link icon, you can link your button to a pop-up. By clicking the pop-up you can make a new one.

When you click "connect a popup" the following screen will show 

You are able to choose to make a new pop-up or select an existing pop-up and edit it. A pop-up is in most occasions handy for placing a form. Of course, you are able to map your pop-up to any style you'd like. You have also got the opportunity to link to an external website.



This button doesn't send a form, you have to connect every button with a pop-up.

With this icon, you can drag your button inside your section.

With the duplicate icon, you are able to copy your button inside your section.

By clicking the trash icon you are able to delete your button.

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